Open Diplomacy. Diplomazia economica aumentata al tempo del Covid-19

The book Open Diplomacy by Marco Alberti, tells a story of economic diplomacy lived within the Enel company and analyzed from an original and innovative perspective. Starting from the professional experience gained at the largest European utility, the book explores the public-private relationship in terms of open innovation and its importance for the competitiveness of the national ecosystem in the aftermath of the pandemic. The work offers a pragmatic, open and interconnected vision of economic diplomacy in the digital age, in which international relations are also rethought in a geo-economic key and competitiveness no longer concerns only products or brands, but entire ecosystems.

During the debate, moderated by Gabriele Carrer, we will discuss how economic diplomacy plays a decisive role in the process of internationalization of companies and the positioning of the country. This tension towards the creation of public value, centered on innovation and sustainability, is very relevant in the light of the circumstances determined by Covid-19 and the need for an economic revival, in a logic of redefinition of the competitive dynamics and relations between the various actors.

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