Categories & Fees

There are several options for those wishing to join AmCham Italy, each of which offering various benefits at different costs.


To join, the Member Admission Application must be sent in, filling in the online form. The membership application will be examined by the Executive Committee, which meets once a month. The applicant will receive an e-mail confirming membership and instructions for paying the fee for the selected category.

Membership fees may be paid by bank transfer or by check.

V.A.T.-exempt operation due to the lack of the objective condition pursuant to Articles 1 and 4, paragraph 4° of Presidential Decree no. 633 of October 26, 1972, and subsequent modifications and supplements.


Categories & Fees

Membership Category  Annual fee
Premium 9.000,00 €/year
Sustaining 4.500,00 €/year (Revenue > 50 millions)
3.000,00 €/year (Revenue < 50 millions)
Corporate 1.500,00 €/year
Innovative Start-Up* 1.000,00 €/year
No-Profit** 365,00 €/year


* Innovative Start-Up Members are start-ups that join AmCham in their first 4 years of existence, which is to say since their incorporation date, and will be considered "Innovative Start-Up Members" until they have completed 4 years of operation. Once this term has elapsed, they are placed in the "Corporate Member" category.

** No-Profit Members are non-profit organizations (foundations, recognized and non-recognized associations, committees, social enterprises).

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