Code of Conduct

An important message from the President

One of AmCham's many assets is to provide support to its members' commercial activity, conducted in accordance with ethical and appropriate principles with the utmost respect for the regulations in force. AmCham joins its administrators and members in considering business ethics to be a factor of primary importance

All activities implemented by AmCham must be carried out in keeping with the highest standards of integrity and mutual respect for the values characterizing its mission and objectives. To achieve so important a goal, every one of AmCham's employees, officers, and board members has the responsibility of understanding and complying with the content of the Ethical Code.

AmCham's success depends on dedication and commitment to these standards and principles of conduct. It is therefore essential for every one of AmCham's employees, officers, and board members to take the time needed to carefully read and understand this Ethical Code. I thank you for your collaboration and support.


The ethics committee

The ethics committee is chaired by Marilù Capparelli, Director legal Google EMEA. 

The Committee's members are:

  • Claudio Bassoli, President & CEO Hewlett Packard Enterprise Italia
  • Fabio Carniol, CEO Helvetia Vita

Via Cesare Cantù 1 - 20123 Milan - Italy