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Women Entrepreneurs: Let’s Make History! - Cheryl Edison, Global Business Development Strategist

11 Mar 2021


Past event

Cheryl Edison is a serial entrepreneur and global business development strategist based in Silicon Valley, California. Quoted by USA Today, CNN and The New York Times, Edison serves start-ups, Fortune 100’s, investors and civic leaders. Her work spans 57 industries, across 5 continents. Edison’s clients include Carrefour, Volvo, Revlon, Warner Brothers, with services provided to over 100,000 individuals and startups each year. In 2012, Edison conceived and launched The Gate 510 for SKB, transforming a 24-acre automobile factory on the brink of foreclosure, into one of the premier Makerspaces in the USA by intentionally connecting the art, tech and maker communities. National and International press reported on the achievement as reinvigorating the sleepy local economy and expanding the borders of Silicon Valley. Edison loves working with entrepreneurs, and is deeply dedicated to delivering on the UNSDG triple bottom line benefitting people, profit and planet. In 2019 Edison flew to 16 countries, providing advisory, keynotes and workshops to increase purpose driven start-up ecosystem success in public/private collaborations with civic leaders, corporations, individuals and academic institutions.

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