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The Italian-American excellence in the war against COVID-19. Scientific and technological collaboration between the USA and Italy.

09 Jun 2020


Past event

The spread of COVID-19 has highlighted the need for greater international cooperation between researchers and scientists to find a cure and develop a vaccine. Even on this challenge, Italy and the United States are working together and the results of this collaboration are encouraging.

The proximity between the two countries most affected by the health crisis, shows once again how Italy and the USA can together make a difference also to win this war.


Riccardo Baccheschi , President & CEO AchilleS Vaccines 

Valentino Confalone, VP General Manager - Italy Gilead Sciences 

Andrea Gambotto , Associate Professor University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine – UPMC 

Michele Perrino, Presidente e Amministratore Delegato Medtronic Italia 


Maria Sorbi , Giornalista Il Giornale

Via Cesare Cantù 1 - 20123 Milan - Italy