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Phase 2 - General tests of "new normal"

19 May 2020


Past event

Phase 2 of the Covid-19 emergency is outlined by a differentiated restart: manufacturing industry, services and retail gradually resume their activities but with different times and constraints, which will heavily influence their future. A "new normal" that many economists predict will have serious economic consequences, well beyond those of the 2008 financial recession, perhaps comparable to the Great Depression of '29. A normality conditioned by the constraints of social distancing and massive sanitation, which limit social relations and consumption. What future awaits us? What challenges do the protagonists of the Food Fashion and Retail sector face?


Mario Federico, Amministratore Delegato McDonald's Italia 

Paolo Fiorelli, Presidente e Amm. Delegato Mail Boxes Etc.  

Luca Gastaldi, CEO Brooks Brothers EMEA

Via Cesare Cantù 1 - 20123 Milan - Italy