Support from the Business Services team for companies requesting the M&A service

Upon request, the Business Services team can offer the following services for Italian companies that have plans to acquire United States enterprises already operating in the specific sector.


Services provided by the Business Services team to companies requesting M&A


  • Scouting of United States companies corresponding to the Italian company’s specifications
  • For each identified company, the following information will be included:
    • corporate description
    • types of products and commercial distribution
    • where possible, recovery of data such as revenues and ownership
    • where possible, recovery of legal information and pending charges
  • Assessment of each company with AmCham’s evaluation based on the collected information and data
  • Should the Italian company wish to proceed with one or more identified companies, AmCham is available for an initial contact with the counterpart to schedule a meeting by phone or in person with the Italian company.


The services intended for companies requesting this M&A service are assessed on a case-by-case basis in accordance with the company’s specific request, and estimated for formal acceptance.

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