Local Representatives in Italy


Although headquartered in Milan, AmCham Italy can rely on representatives in the major Italian regions and cities.


Mauro Ferrando

Studio Legale Ferrando Associazione tra Professionisti


American citizen, graduated in Genoa and with two Masters at Yale University. She worked for 19 years between Canada and the United States, before returning to Italy and holding various positions in the Embassies and the American Academy in Rome.

Since 2014 he is the General Secretary of Assopetroli Assoenergia. He is Vice President of YALE ALUMNI CLUB of ITALY and member of AIDDA Italian Association of Women Entrepreneurs and Company Managers, of FERPI - Italian Public Relations Federation and of CANOVA CLUB..


"It is a real pleasure and a great honor for me to put my experience on both sides of the ocean at Amcham's disposal. The years I spent in the US allowed me to know and appreciate both the American world of entrepreneurship, both academic and non-profit, and therefore to enrich my professional sphere with new stimuli once I return to Italy.  Amcham is for me the vital meeting point of the two cultures that best represent me". 



Senior civil lawyer with a long experience in the field of civil law: commercial and corporate law, energy law. He is a founding member of the Ferrando Law Firm, based in Genoa, Palazzo Orsini, where he currently works.

The inspiring principles of his activity are the timing, the sartorial care of every consultancy, the sharing with the client of the procedural choices that concern him. Councilor of the Council of the Associated Lawyers  of Genoa from 2000 to 2017, for over a decade member of the Commission for information technology and the telematic process of the Forensic National Council at the Ministry of Justice, he has been able to gain considerable experience and confrontational skills with the institutions.

He is Founding Member and Vice President of the AGI - Italian Labor Lawyers - Liguria, as well as President of the Civil Chamber of Genoa, associated with the National Union of Civil Chambers. He is a member of the Board of private companies with public participation.


"My goal is to strengthen economic relations between Genoese and Ligurian entrepreneurial realities and the United States. The creation of new trans-oceanic synergies will, in my opinion, contribute to increasing the economic appeal of the city and the region, and to concretize their vocation to internationalization: indeed, the desire to expand their business in the United States is growing more and more in the regional companies. Given mine role in AmCham, I trust that I can actively contribute in achieving their goals".



Via Cesare Cantù 1 - 20123 Milan - Italy