Prelios S.p.A.

More than 40 billion euro of assets and over 10 million square meters of real estate under management. First mover and main servicer of Unlikely-To-Pay bank loans, leader in Non-Performing Loan securitization with the GACS guarantee.

Based in Milano, the Prelios Group is a leading player in alternative asset management, distressed loan management and specialized property services. The Group Chair is Fabrizio Palenzona, the Chief Executive Officer and General Manager is Riccardo Serrini. Luigi Aiello is General Manager Corporate & Business Development, Fabio Panzeri General Manager Servicing & Operations and Sergio Cavallino Chief Financial Officer.

The Prelios Group's consolidated results for 2022 include revenues at 309.4 €/mln, a 15% increase from 268.5 €/mln in 2021; EBITDA of 141.8 €/mln, up 14% from 124.6 €/mln in 2021; an EBITDA margin of 45.8%, stable at more than 40% for years; net profit of 89.9 €/mln; an increase in assets under management (Credit Management and Investment Management) to 41.6 €/bn, from 39.4 €/bn at the end of 2021, with a significant rise in AuM in UTPs and Investment Management.

The Prelios Group's services cover the full spectrum of requirements in the real estate life cycle: asset management, investment management, due diligence, real estate advisory, valuation of individual properties and real estate portfolios, building, project & property management, real estate brokerage, investment funds and distressed asset management.

In each of these areas, the Group offers consolidated know-how and expertise through specialized Business Units working to top professional standards. Thanks to the quality of its internal resources and an extensive network of external partners of the highest caliber, the Prelios Group provides a complete range of services and skills to manage property portfolios and distressed loans, and it is the only Italian player with the capabilities to act in every phase of the Italian real estate and economic cycle.

One of the main Italian servicers of Non-Performing Loans, Prelios is the first mover in Unlikely-To-Pay bank credits and the leader in NPL securitization with the GACS State guarantee. With the BlinkS platform ( it has established the first digital NPE marketplace in Italy and one of the first in Europe.

Since the introduction of the Italian State's GACS guarantee for senior and investment grade securities in 2016, the Group is the leading servicer of NPL securitization transactions. In this area, Prelios has arranged sale transactions to meet demand from players - typically foreign investors - with extremely high economic potential. Through its ties with international investors, the Group is also a front-line partner on many large-scale initiatives, including major real estate and urban redevelopment projects, the purchase and renovation of iconic buildings and historic districts in Italian cities and metropolitan areas.

Prelios is also a leading player in the management of real estate investments, both directly through property funds and SICAFs and indirectly through credit funds. Prelios SGR - the Group's management company - manages assets worth 8 billion euro. It is active in the promotion, creation and management of real estate alternative investment funds (AIFs) and credit funds, advisory and separate account management, for leading Italian and international institutional investors. Prelios SGR is a pioneer in the innovation of investment products, as regards both asset classes and typologies. It set up one of the first externally managed SICAFs and manages the largest UTP fund in Italy and one of the largest in Europe. Prelios SGR has established high standards and control systems for governance, risk management and transparency, while maintaining high operating flexibility. Reflecting its commitment to promoting sustainability, the company is a member of the UN PRI - Principles for Responsible Investment network and of GRESB.

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