Thank you, United States. Thank you, once again.
La lettera di AmCham Italy agli USA.

AmCham Italy, attraverso una lettera aperta, esprime la propria gratitudine agli USA.


Thank you, United States. Thank you, once again.

We sincerely appreciated the friendly solidarity expressed on April 10th by President Trump and the US Administration ensuring generous support to the Italian people in this time of crisis.

Needless to say, the merit of our strong relationship goes to the true friendship and affection shown by Ambassador Eisenberg and the entire U.S. Diplomatic Mission to Italy.

Since day one, AmCham has been at the forefront of the emergency, loyally serving the best interests of Italy and the United States of America and will continue to do so in the coming months with determination.

We strongly believe in the importance of consolidating our friendship and supporting transatlantic interests where the United States remains leader of the free world.

AmCham has been actively promoting and tracking donations made by US companies to help fight the COVID-19 emergency.

As of today, we have exceeded the amount of €35 million in monetary donations with the addition of in-kind healthcare materials that has been delivered to Croce Rossa Italiana, Protezione Civile, Lombardy Region and many Hospitals across the country.

We express our most sincere gratitude to all of our Members and US companies for their generosity.

Thank you all for your strong support, all proud to protect US and Italian interests.

AmCham Italy

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