L'appello di AmCham Italy agli USA

AmCham Italy, con una lettera indirizzata al Presidente USA, Donald J. Trump,
chiede aiuto agli Stati Uniti per superare la crisi.


Dear Mr. President,

leadership needs actions and actions need courage. You proved many times your leadership attitude but under these new and dramatic circumstances we need bolder actions than in our recent history.
The United States and Italy are bound together by a very strong and unique friendship, we have forged our alliance over the course of history and now we stand ready as always to fight together for our common values.
We need to write an important page in history allowing our descendants to make treasure of how the transatlantic alliance fought and won this battle, rebuilding a fair and prosperous community shaped together.
What we are experiencing today shouldn't be seen only as a threat, but an opportunity to strengthen our alliance through unity.
We must stay close and do whatever is necessary in order to protect what we care about most: our citizens.
We need to count on one another, we need our citizens to know what we are doing to defeat this pandemic and let them know we will rise stronger than before.
We're very grateful for the close partnership and cooperation with the US, but particularly in moments like this, it is our duty to keep our countries great and the transatlantic economy alive. Given the circumstances, this would be a colossal victory for both of our nations.
This is possible only if we take strong actions to protect our companies and keep their transatlantic business going, thanks to a fair and reciprocal trade that preserves jobs, wealth, and foster vast opportunities for growth.
Right now, we need a bold decision based on trust and generosity:

Mr. President, please, consider freezing tariffs and help free commerce with Europe, for the best.

Nowadays, this is what leadership and courage is all about.

#UnitedWeStand #FreezeTheTariffs #FreeTheCommerce

Via Cesare Cantù 1 - 20123 Milano - Italia