Benefit companies and b-corp: the new paradigm that combines innovation and sustainability

Benefit companies are an increasingly important phenomenon. By now, on an almost daily basis, new companies acquire this new legal status. The goal of balancing the lucrative purpose and the common benefit requires the administrators of a Benefit to have enhanced diligence and essential reporting duties.

On the other hand, investors are increasingly attentive to social and environmental aspects and the characteristics of this type of company can represent an element of strong interest. From a transatlantic perspective, the US and Italy share this evolution: Benefit Companies and B-Corp have identical aims, albeit in their reciprocal peculiarities.

The webinar will be an opportunity for discussion through various perspectives: the research point of view, the operational perspective of the Benefit Companies and B-Corp, and those of legal and strategic advisors.

Via Cesare Cantù 1 - 20123 Milan - Italy