Fabio Benasso


The AmCham Sustainability Committee supports the principles of long-term economic efficiency and orientation towards technological innovation and excellence in the corporate processes that impact the environment.

It performs actions of monitoring Italian, European, and American legislation, and is engaged in the debate over environmental and energy policies, legislative developments in Italy, and regulatory comparisons between Italy and the United States.

Issues like climate change, the circular economy, energy policy, energy efficiency, sustainable management of corporate processes and of industrial policies, consumer safety and social responsibility are areas of interest of primary importance to the Committee.

Moreover, the Committee aims to promote the dissemination of knowledge in the matter of Green Technologies, facilitating training opportunities to develop skills so as to help spread them and consequently to create jobs.

Over the past two years, the Committee has focused its activity on the issue of the Circular Economy, organizing public initiatives in the setting of Open Innovation.

Currently, the Committee is concentrating its activities to continue this vein of dialogue, creating opportunities for collaboration among companies members of the Committee, in the setting of the Circular Economy.

Via Cesare Cantù 1 - 20123 Milan - Italy