Public Affairs

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Eric Gerritsen

Director Public Affairs
Costa Crociere

The Public Affairs Working Group, composed of leading professionals in the sector, both from American and Italian multinationals and those operating in the consulting area, focuses on the issue of regulating lobbying activities.

The Working Group in 2018 produced  a recommendation paper submitted to Aspen Institute, and on January 2020 to the Chamber of Deputies .

This document aims to provide some suggestions both on aspects that should be included within a lobbying bill and on providing a path of regulation by steps, exploiting the currently available regulatory instruments.

The Working Group introduced the issue of Corporate Diplomacy, considered as a strategic lever of attraction for new investment, thanks to the presence in Italy of American multinationals. For this, an initial framework document will be developed, and submitted during a future workshop.

The Working Group is considering to proceed with the establishment of an Observatory on the Public Affairs sector, with aim to analyze this continuously developing market and tracking its evolution in terms of supply and professional profiles.

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