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Enrico Sisti

Rucellai & Raffaelli - Studio Legale

The Working Group has main objective reordering the existing regulations in the area of R&D, as to provide a clear and complete analysis of the legislative framework.

The Group then focused on submitting the critical or weaker points of the regulations to decision makers to discuss them jointly, in order to foster dialogue with institutions and to make the investment opportunities in R&D more propitious by supporting the development of enterprises, product and process innovations, and the enrichment of human capital in Italy.

During its mandate, the Working Group developed two documents, the first focused on the measures related to Industry 4.0 in force in the Italian context, signaling the risks and opportunities for improvement, and the second concentrating on the 2019 Budget Law and the role of Industry 4.0.

Since its conception, Industry 4.0 has always played a central role in the activities of AmCham’s Innovation and Research & Development Working Group. The Working Group has carefully analyzed this project and collected the various viewpoints in its Policy Paper “Il futuro di Industry 4.0,” submitted in Milan with the patronage of the Region of Lombardy and of Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore.

To better comprehend the philosophy and purposes of Industry 4.0, so as to make the project more competitive and supportive of economic development, the Working Group critically analyzed the project’s development and produced a document entitled “Industry 4.0 e la Legge di Bilancio 2019” (“Industry 4.0 and the 2019 Budget Law”). 
The paper analyzes the numerous interventions relating to the program platform of Industry 4.0: from the tax credit to hyper-amortizations, as well as spending on employee training. The Working Group has sought to condense the program’s main developments in the document, in the attempt to provide a complete overview of Industry 4.0, including a comment on the Budget Law and on the main new elements adopted in Industry 4.0, with specific recommendations and comments addressed to the government.


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