Human Capital



Leonardo Zaccheo

President & CEO
Covenant Partners Srl

The technological changes taking place are having an increasingly important impact on Human Capital as well.

The Committee is engaged in developing an overview of the evolution of the HR functions, that is not static and focused exclusively on today, but that can grasp the elements of breakage that will redefine the role of HR in line with the changes taking place lately.

Among the proposals that have emerged, progress has been made by the one of creating a “Master - From HRD to CEO” to develop Human Resources capable of adapting their professional role to constant technological changes.

Moreover, the working table actively promotes “cross-pollination” between digital and organizational skills, and aims at creating an “Academy” focusing on providing young people and senior employees with the right tool kits, and the elements to evolve towards a more effective use of technologies in the corporate setting.

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