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Gruppi di Lavoro

Daniele De Angelis

Bird & Bird Studio Legale

The Art & Market Working Group focuses its work on issues such as: the circulation of artworks and the role of technology in this regard.

The Working Group considers art as a strategic resource to attract new investors and allow them to explore Italy’s various industrial excellences: art as a "brand" characterizing Italy in the world. 

To better manage its activities, the following three subgroups have been set up:


  1. Investments: with the purpose of "mapping" the operative and regulatory process that accompanies an investor towards the purchase (or sale) of an artwork, a collection, or an archive. The idea is to focus attention on the main market dynamics, investment processes, the most important regulatory issues, and the mapping of profiles for investors.
  2. Public/private partnership: with the objective of analyzing the current state of PPPs; assessing their advantages also in terms of communication and reinforcement of the brand, for businesses taking part in these partnerships; and identifying new models of collaboration, also in light of possible regulatory changes that facilitate collaborations of this kind.
  3. Technology: which sees technology as a factor of change, not only in the ways art is used, but in the models of communication, investment, and management of the processes. Are there prospects for development in some specific artistic areas that will be determined or favored by technology? How are the various players operating in this "value chain" to respond to these challenges? This Working Group might answer these questions, always with an eye on the gap that technological development might create with respect to legislative developments.


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