Economic Affairs & FDI

Gruppi di Lavoro


Ettore Pastore

Leader Globale Financial Institutions, Europa, Medio Oriente e Africa
A.T. Kearney

The Economic Affairs and FDI working group analyzes the main issues connected to the evolution of the international economic agenda. In particular, it addresses the economic, financial, and commercial relations between Italy and the United States, with the intent of providing analysis and policy proposals of use for increasing Italy’s competitiveness and attractiveness to American investors.

The Working Group has developed documents and studies on these subjects, thanks also to the use of a survey designed for AmCham’s American companies, to measure the perception of Italy as a destination for investment.

Over the past three years, the Working Group has produced an annual report, monitoring transatlantic investment relations and the sentiment of American investors, and proposing ideas and solutions based on the results of the analyses that were carried out. This is also done through the presentation of investment case studies and interviews targeted to the CEOs of American companies Memebers of AmCham.

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